What is in your bag?.

January 6, 2022

2 min read

As a new year article, I decided to write up some words about what are the daily drivers I have in my bag.


I use a top-loaded HP bag for 15-inch laptops. My 17 inch Mac Book fits it well and it's pretty nice. But nothing special.


I have multiple laptops. For my work, I mostly use Macbook Pro 17" - 16GB RAM, 2019 model. I also have Macbook Air 13" M1 model I use for my personal projects. I also got a few Windows and Linux machines but those are rarely used.

Other electronics

I carry Kindle Whitepaper 4 with me almost everywhere. I love reading. I also carry Jabra Evolve 75 I use it for work meetings. It's a really great headset. I also have Marshall Mode II true wireless for music and or audiobooks on the go. I love the Marshall sound.

I also have some USB/USB-C cables and some USB-C dongles. Fully embracing that Mac dongle life.

Drug store

I have deodorant in spray, hand sanitizer, mouth deodorant, and glass cleaning gel. Nothing special.


I have my Moleskin notebook, Parker pen, FFP2 respirator, chopsticks, and set of lockpicks. I have lockpicking as one of my hobbies I rarely use those but saved me calling locksmith more than once.

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