Working from home for newbies

So I started to work from home full time. It all started with the coronavirus crisis. I was not prepared for this. At the beginning I was struggling with it a lot, now I am getting somewhat better at it. This a compilation of my tips and observations.

Define your workspace

In the beginning, I was excited to work from home. I will spend the whole day with my fiance and a half-year-old (at the time). We have a working table in our living room and all three of us spend the whole day there. I loved it. But after a few days I noticed I am not doing any real work done. Sure I spend a lot of time quality time with my family but I was getting stress out by not meeting my deadlines. At the time I was leaving a company I worked for and was about to start in the new one. I decided to do something about this because starting at the company without getting anything done is not very good for you.

We decided that we transform our dining table for an office. We do not use that table anyway. We usually eat in the living room. I moved my office chair to the kitchen and placed everything there. My productivity skyrocketed. I am still able to go help my fiance with everything. I still see my family a lot and spend a lot of time with them (not every single minute tho).

Work the required hours

This goes both ways. Do not spend fewer hours and do not spend more hours working. Have a hard stop at 8 hours. When I was going to the office I was working 8 hours and 2 hours commuting. It was hard to adjust to the fact that you end the work and you are at home. I tended to work for at least 1 more our. Plus the usual checking of email and chat every other minute.

Find some time for your self

This is something I am still struggling with. When I was commuting I spent 2 hours a day in a metro listening to audiobooks, reading, etc.. And suddenly I spent zero time to myself. Do not get me wrong I love spending time with my family. I love it more than anything in the world. But everybody should have some time for themself. As part of this, I am starting to write this blog.

Move more

I was never a very physically active person. More precisely I hated movement with a passion. But my weight went up when I started working from home. I stopped any movemnt, when I was commuting I was walking to the metro, from the metro to the office. We bought a stationary bike. We need to add some movement to our lives.

Enjoy it

I am spending a lot more time with my family. That is a best gift I could get. Thank you coronavirus.

Pavel Polivka
Pavel Polivka
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