Why I left a job on a great project

I worked on a project for 7 years, I loved it. It was my first big project, I learned about clusters, CI, AWS, Solr, Redis tons of other stuff. I was very confident in every part of the project, I did touch most of it. I moved it from JSP spaghetti code to modern Spring boot architecture. I liked our codebase.

I was teaching all the new joiners. I was making decisions about how to move forward with the project. I was the go-to person if somebody in the whole company needed to know why something worked like this. I was the biggest expert.

I got bored. My work became a routine for me. I was feeling like I was not developing anymore. I was not developing my skills, I was not developing any code. I was feeling trapped. I outgrew the project.

Pavel Polivka
Pavel Polivka
Full stack developer

Father, developer, bad sci-fi writer, love to learn stuff