Top 5 tools for Java developer in 2020

I develop in Java for a lot of years now. Over the years, tools I used changed a lot.

Intellij IDEA

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Intellij IDEA is the best IDE I ever used. I used Eclipse and was never happy with it. I was always frustrated with a very slow full-text search in Eclipse. IDEA solved it for me.

Best IDEA features

  • Fast full-text search
  • State of the art decompiler and debugger
  • Awesome Git integration
  • Out of the box integration with Spring, JUnit
  • Great refactoring tools


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YourKit is the best Java profiler you will ever use. It will integrate into IntelliJ to launch apps locally to profile it. It has a great java agent for when you need to profile remote apps, with a simple guide for most of the webservers. It helps you to understand all the performance issues you may have.


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Visual VM is a free tool used as a visual UI for command-line JDK tools. It also has lightweight profiling capabilities but its power is JMX monitoring.

You can see all the metrics expose by JVM, you can browse MBeans, etc..


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DataGrip is from the same IDE family as IntelliJ. It’s a tool for managing your databases, writing complex queries, etc. If you ever used PG Admin (does not matter if the new one or the old one) you know the pain. Oracle SQL admin is also very bad. DataGrip is awesome, supports most of the database engines you need, and works really great. Has the same nice features as IDEA.


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There are tons of API clients. Even IDEA has a pretty great one included. I like the postman the most. Its ability to intercept requests from Chrome and then use the same session, etc with the postman requests is great. The UI is nice and clean. I tried a lot of these but I always return back to Postman.

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