Few productivity tips for developers

Work and personal browser

My biggest issue when working was mixing personal and work projects, personal and work Google accounts. Did you ever did a presentation at work and google ads keep serving you ads about new cars you just purchased because you were signed into your Gmail in the work browser.

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I decided to solve this by running two separated browsers. Previously I tried Chrome with multiple profiles, but that never worked ok and I am in the middle of moving away from google. My current setup is having two Firefoxes. I used normal Firefox for my stuff and Firefox Developer edition for my work stuff.

I am signed into different google accounts. I have different bookmarks.

This was the best thing I ever did for my productivity.

Daily checklist

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What I decided to do is to have one simple list.

These are my rules:

  • I start that list every day.
  • If there are tasks from previos day I copy those.
  • I underline the stuff that need to be done that way. (Or make it bold)
  • I tick the stuff if done.
  • I make more checkboxes if this needs to be done multiple times per day (check board)

You can do this on paper (what I did) or you can do this in almost any Todo app.

To read/learn list

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It happens a lot. Somebody sends interesting link into slack (teams, whatever) and you want to read it. You just do not have time for it right now. I click the add to pocket button. When you have some free time you go to pocket and you have a huge library of interesting stuff to read.

Pocket is my to go app when I have few minutes.

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Pavel Polivka
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