Answering a Stack Overflow question per day

I recently decided to try and experiemnt with Stack Overflow. always had mixed feelings about Stack Overflow. It’s incerible resource of knowlage, if you google almost any technical question it’s in the top results.

Working from home for newbies

So I started to work from home full time. It all started with the coronavirus crisis. I was not prepared for this. At the beginning I was struggling with it a lot, now I am getting somewhat better at it.

Why I left a job on a great project

I worked on a project for 7 years, I loved it. It was my first big project, I learned about clusters, CI, AWS, Solr, Redis tons of other stuff. I was very confident in every part of the project, I did touch most of it.

How Hey changed email for me forever

I have a love-hate relationship with email my entire life. I gave up on email and then Google Inbox came along. It was a perfect product at a perfect time.

Few productivity tips for developers

Work and personal browser My biggest issue when working was mixing personal and work projects, personal and work Google accounts. Did you ever did a presentation at work and google ads keep serving you ads about new cars you just purchased because you were signed into your Gmail in the work browser.

Top 5 tools for Java developer in 2020

I develop in Java for a lot of years now. Over the years, tools I used changed a lot. Intellij IDEA Intellij IDEA is the best IDE I ever used.